One Where Joey Loses His I nsurance [미드영어회화] 프렌즈 시즌6 4화 The

 [미드영어회화] 프렌즈 시즌6 4화 The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

It’s like uh, in a way you-yo u complete me kitchen.*in a way:어느 정도는, 어떤 면에서는 It all adds up!I mean you’re obsessed with her.*add up:말이 되다, 앞뒤가 맞다*be obsessed with:~에 집착하다 That was the head of the Paleontology department at NYU.*Paleontology:고생물학 Well, remember that paper I had published last on sediment flow rate?*sediment:침전물*flow:흐 룸*rate:속도 Saved your ass.* one’s ass : 위험에서 구함

You know that psychic I see ? * psychic : 초능력 있는 , 심령의 I know you guys don ‘ t know a lot about psychic readings , but that one is pretty much the worst one you can get . * psychic reading : 점괘 풀이

There are three primary the ories concerning sediment flow rate.Each of these theories can be further subcategorized into two distinct…*primary:주요*concerning:~에 관한*subcategory:하위 범주 Aretherenaked chicks on that piece of paper?*chick: 젊은 여성을 지칭하는 모욕적인 말 Why don’t youopen with ajoke?*open with~로 시작 Waitaminute*hold the phone:(통화 중일 때) 끊지 말고 좀 기다리세요.*chuckle:활짝 웃는다

It ‘ s probably a residual che ck . * residual : 남은 , 잔여의 I don ‘ t remember being in a called benefits lapsed . * benefit : 보험금 * lapse : 소멸되다

Did that not come off?*com e off: 성공하다 ~처럼 보이는 Scared the hell out of me. 정말 놀라워, 십년 살다 Could you just wake me up out of me. 정말 놀라워, 십년 살다 Could you just wake me up몇 시간 후에 열어줄래?

How did lecture go? *how did ~go? : ~는 어땠어?I knew all I had to was let the material speak for itself . * speak for itself : 자명하다 , 보여주다

No harm, no foul. 괜찮아, 타 말한게 아니야, 문제 삼지 않아. I think someone out there may have been bad mouthing you all over town. *

I ‘ ll have my health insuranc e back in no time . * in no time : 곧 This sounds like a hernia . * hernia : 탈장 If I ‘ m gonna go to the doctor for anything , it ‘ s gonna be for this thing sticking out of my stomach . * stick out : 튀어나오다

We could sneak in and watc h . * sneak in : 몰래 들어가다 He made a startling discovery . What he believed to be igneous was , in fact , sedimentary . Imagine his consternation when … * startling : 아주 놀라운 * igneous : 화성의 * sedimentary : 퇴적물의 * consternation : 실망

Do you have a moment to t alk about your lecture ? * Do you have a moment ? : 잠깐 시간 좀 있어 ? I ‘ ve got plans with my sister . * I ‘ ve got plans with : ~ と 約束 が ある 。

Will you grab me a cruller? * will you grab me ~? : ~蕂 ashe sermy very : ruller : 蕂i don’t want that hanging?

Why don ‘ t you phase it out ? Phase the accent out and people will think that you ‘ re adjusting to life in America . * phase sth out : ~ 을 단계적으로 중단하다 * adjust : 적응하다

The surprise is a swing set , if you could play it a little less intesne ? * intesne : 진지한 , 열정적인

From the top. 처음부터.Sc en e 5 , take 2 . Take 36 is up . * be up : to be ready

You just take a big swing. D on’t hold back.*hold back : 저지하다, 방해하다

[미드영어회화] 프렌즈 시즌6 4화 The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance